Lemon Verbena Sugar

Lemon Verbena Sugar

Lemon Verbena has fast become one my favourite herbs. Enjoyed in salads, dressings, drinks, desserts and anything else you can think of that will be enhanced from its zesty lemon aroma. It is readily available from most garden centres and easy to grow.

Lemon Verbena Sugar is simple to make and tastes like a lemon sherbet sweet! Use in vinaigrettes, sprinkle over fruits or desserts, rim cocktail glasses, or to sweeten your favourite tea.

Lemon Verbena Sugar


450g Caster Sugar
10 Sprigs of Lemon Verbena


Step one: Pour sugar into a large sterilised jar.

Step two: Rinse and pat dry the lemon verbena. Place between your palms and gently rub back and forth to bruise the leaves. Put the sprigs in with the sugar and mix in gently with a spoon.

Step three: Shake daily for one week then remove the sprigs and enjoy! This will keep for up to six months in a cool dry place.

More Lemon Verbena recipes coming soon!

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