About The Delectable Garden

Welcome to TDG!

I started The Delectable Garden to share my passion for cooking and baking using edible flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruit you can grow in your garden. I hope that sharing delicious recipes inspires you to enhance your garden by growing your own produce whether it’s a potted herb on your patio or a full-blown allotment!

I should probably start by telling you that I am not a writer. In fact I am dyslexic and for the majority of my life I have avoided any public writing or reading in fear of being laughed at. This is a big step for me and a surprise for my family and friends. So please do not expect long elaborate posts full of descriptive words and gripping stories. I am a man who gets to the point using the least amount of words I possibly can. I apologise now for the spelling and grammatical errors that will slip through!

The idea for this site came to me after a couple of months in my new house. My husband and I recently moved into a Victorian semi with our two boys (Ralph the Bichon Frise and Bert the PBGV) and three girls (the hens, Roxy, Daisy and Betty). The garden is mature and has a beautiful cottage feel but has been neglected over the years. The 60s and 70s had an unfortunate impact on the house so it is being lovingly renovated and restored. With the house being turned upside down the garden has become our refuge. Spending a lot of time in a foreign garden I discovered new herbs, flowers, and fruits growing and appearing week by week, my passion for cooking was ignited by finding recipes to use the produce and that is how TDG was born.

The garden needs a lot of TLC and I have big plans for it. I should point out now that I am not a gardener. I have struggled in the past to keep plants alive, and have had some spectacular fails with my elaborate landscaping ideas. So I will not be offering expert gardening advise but I will share interesting ideas, my fails, and successes whilst completing my garden makeover. ‘Growing your own’ will be at the heart of my makeover and I hope I can give you new and exciting ideas on how to incorporate edible flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruit into your garden.

To add to the list of things I’m not, a chef. I have enjoyed cooking and baking since I can remember and it has been my longest hobby. My love of food goes hand in hand with entertaining, this has given me plenty of opportunities to try, test and perfect my recipes. You can expect anything from exciting salads, infused alcohols, delicious jams and chutney, good old home cooked dinners to naughty tasty treats. I promise you will get great satisfaction from adding your home-grown produce whether you can provide all the veg for your Sunday dinner or just adding a handful of herbs to a salad.

This site is dedicated to my mum and sister, two beautiful, strong and brave women. Since loosing them to cancer I have learnt you have to push yourself, go out of your comfort zone, try new things, and enjoy life. This website has already ticked all these off and will enable me to indulge myself in my favourite things, baking, gardening and entertaining my wonderful friends and family.

Thank you for finding and reading my blog, I hope you stick around for more posts!

Please feel free to comment, share and follow.

Lee 🙂