Smashed Avocado with Poached Eggs

Smashed Avocado with Poached Eggs

Smashed Avocado with Poached Eggs are a slice of tranquility after a manic week. A weekend in The Delectable Garden wouldn’t feel right without buttery spiced smashed avocado crowned with perfectly poached eggs for brunch. 

Gary and I first discovered smashed avocado with poached eggs in a funky little coffee shop on a weekend trip to London. Since that weekend away we have had Smashed Avocado with Poached Eggs practically every weekend! 

Easy smashed avocado recipe

Last year was a cracking year for my greenhouse tomatoes, so I had plenty to experiment with. I perfected this recipe that I now use every time and It’s even managed to convert a few people who don’t like avocado. I find that most people don’t like avocado because they’ve not had it the right way. Avocados on their own can taste very bland, like eating slab of butter. My Smashed Avocado with Poached Eggs use avocado as a blank canvas and pimps it up with spices, spring onions, tomatoes and a good kick of lime. 

Smashed Avocado with Poached Egg

I love avocado, not in a faddy diet ‘I can only eat yellow foods on a Monday and drink almond milk on a Tuesday’ kind of way. I love it because smashed avocado tastes amazing, especially with a poached egg on top. The good fats, fibre, potassium and vitamins in avocados are just an added bonus.

If you’re not familiar with avocados there is no need to feel overwhelmed by them. When picking an avocado you need to feel a few to get the Goldilocks of avocados, not too hard and not too soft. Preparing avocados doesn’t need to feel so daunting, watch my How To Cut and Peel Avocados video on YouTube for the easiest and safest way. Now you’re avocado ready, let’s get stuck in…


Smashed Avocado with Poached Eggs

Preparation: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 3 minutes

Serves 2

Difficulty: Medium (only because some people find it tricky poaching eggs)  

Smashed Avocado Ingredients:

1 ripe avocado, stone removed and flesh scooped out

3 cherry tomatoes, roughly chopped

2 spring onions, topped, tailed and finely sliced

Juice of half a lime

1 tsp white wine vinegar

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

1/4 tsp smoked paprika 

Pinch of cayenne pepper

Pinch of salt and pepper 

To serve:

4 large free range eggs

4 chunky slices of your favourite bread

Pinch of pepper and paprika 


  1. Pop all of the smashed avocado ingredients into a bowl and mash together using the back of a fork. Set to one side, or put in the fridge if you are making ahead. 
  2. Fill a small pan with just enough water to cover the eggs. Heat the water until it’s on the edge of boiling point, then reduce the heat so that the water is still. Crack the egg on the side of the pan, get it as close to the water as possible (without burning your fingers) and gently pull the shell apart to release the egg into the water. Repeat with the other eggs, then raise the heat and simmer for 3 minutes. Whilst the eggs are cooking toast your bread. 
  3. Add a good dollop of smashed avocado to each slice of toast. Top with your perfectly poached egg, and sprinkle with a pinch of pepper and paprika. Perfection 👌🏼 


Watch my how to Cut and Peel an Avocado video on YouTube.

Smashed Avocado will keep for one day in an airtight container in the fridge.

If you make ahead remove from the fridge 15 minutes before serving and give it a good stir.

Eggs break down and become watery over time so use the freshest eggs available for poaching.

If you have half an avocado you want to save, rub the cut surface with lime, cover and pop in the fridge to stop it from going brown.

If you didn’t catch my hints above make sure you visit and subscribe to my new YouTube channel! It’s early days but I will start adding more how to and recipe videos. If you need any help or there is something you would like me to make please get in touch!

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Lee 🥑

Smashed Avocado and Poached Eggs Nutritional Value
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